Our Learner Expectations

  • As believers and people of Faith, Messmer graduates will visualize and actualize their God-given gifts in the context of their communities. They will commit themselves to lives of faith, service, social justice, and peace. Messmer graduates should be recognized by their values of integrity, honesty, compassion, and commitment
  • As contributing and productive members of society, Messmer graduates appreciate and embrace a diversity of culture, race, socio-economic backgrounds, ethnicity, gender, and creed. They seek alternatives and opportunities to resolve conflicts and differences compassionately, justly, and peacefully
  • As citizens, Messmer graduates recognize the rights and responsibilities of being a part of a free democracy. They understand the importance of being informed, responsible, and active citizens within our democracy and global society
  • As problem solvers and decision makers, Messmer graduates are capable of using scientific, mathematical, social scientific, and moral reasoning to think critically and solve problems. They are capable of using technological tools to make informed decisions. Furthermore, they are financially literate, capable of making decisions to become and remain financially solvent
  • As individuals in search of knowledge and truth, Messmer graduates recognize the value of becoming life-long learners, capable of applying and transferring knowledge to other experiences and decisions in life.
  • As expressive and creative individuals, Messmer graduates are literate, informed, and capable of effectively communicating through oral and written words. In addition, they appreciate aesthetic beauty and may use creative means to communicate concepts and ideals.
  • As confident and capable beings, Messmer graduates shall meet life’s obstacles and challenges with confidence and optimism, without blaming or making excuses for conditions that are beyond their control. Graduates will make a positive impact on their families, Church, communities, and the world.