Giving appreciated stock is very much a "win-win" situation due to the favorable tax treatment on such gifts.

Transferring appreciated stock may allows Messmer to receive a larger gift than if the stock was sold by the owner and the proceeds donated to Messmer. In return, the owner may receive a greater tax deduction and may avoid capital-gain taxes by giving the stock directly to Messmer. In return, the owner receives a greater tax deduction by giving the stock directly to Messmer.

Many people who own stock today have it held for them by their brokerage firm. To sell the securities held by your brokerage firm, an electronic transfer can be done to fulfill your wishes in selling or disposing of the securities. Another means of maintaining holdings of stock is to take delivery of the stock (receive the stock certificate) when purchasing. To sell or transfer stock when a physical certificate is held by the owner, a manual transfer must occur.

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