Founded in Faith

Rooted in Milwaukee

Building the Community

Founded in faith and inspired by our Catholic education tradition, Messmer will grow to be a model system of K-12 education, vital to metropolitan Milwaukee. Messmer’s dedication to meeting diverse educational needs will prepare our students with the academic and cultural competence to succeed in a global society.

Messmer graduates will:

  • Recognize the value of becoming life-long learners and critical thinkers capable of applying and transferring knowledge to other experiences and decisions in life.
  • Be people of faith that serve their fellow citizens with courage and compassion
  • Meet life’s obstacles and challenges with confidence and optimism
  • Build their community through their rightful place in each profession
  • Live with integrity and have a positive impact on their families, communities and the Church.


Messmer students, parents, alumni, educators, supporters and board members unite around and act upon our enduring values – our four pillars.


Our lives are an act of gratitude to God for the gift of life and the grace that sustains us. Parents have the right to choose a faith-based education for their children. We call our students to serve others generously through their chosen vocations.


We expect proficiency in intellectual and life skills. We challenge ourselves to seek truth throughout our lives.


We are accountable for our integrity. We commit to lasting change. We instill character through our example.


Providing an excellent education to all children is a matter of justice, rooted in the dignity of the human person. Fulfillment of our mission uplifts the entire community, especially for those who deserve a pathway out of poverty. We commit to serve others throughout our lives.

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