Be the Solution!

Through quality education and faith-filled community service, Messmer is dedicated to promoting literacy, inclusions education, and hope in Milwaukee's most underserved areas.  With your help, we can further this effort and stay dedicated to educating tomorrow's leaders.

The Milwaukee Parental Choice Program reimbursement or school tuition only covers approximately 88% of the actual cost to educate a student at Messmer Catholic Schools.  Private donations are necessary to cover the gap in the actual cost of educating a student.

Why Support Messmer?

Your gift directly impacts a student's daily life.

Donations ensure that we:

  • Constantly update our technology tools.  Maintain a robust and well-rounded curriculum which includes music and visual arts.
  • Provide enrichment and learning assistance programs, career and college exposure, and life experiences through mission trips, pilgrimages, and community service.
  • Hire quality teachers dedicated to educating the underserved children in the City of Milwaukee.
  • Maintain and upgrade sports equipment and extracurricular activities that enhance the lives of our students, teaches them about teamwork, discipline, and accomplishment while providing them opportunities to pursue their passions with students who share their ambitions.